10 Best Marketing Practices for Attracting the Illusive Millennial Consumer

Millennial consumers, enabled through mobile and social digital technologies, are redefining what a Brand must offer to attract them and win them as customers. Today’s consumer is actively searching for Brands that align product value with corporate values. The following TEN BEST BRAND PRACTICES are proven to engage today’s Millennial consumer on their issues of Brand […]



Selling the Brand, not the Product

I walked in the living room last night and my wife was watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on TV. In true Victoria’s Secret fashion, the models were gorgeous, the background was beautiful and the production was perfect, but one thing stood out to me very quickly and continued throughout the program, they were not […]



Your Relationship with Your Toothpaste

Many times when I talk to an audience about branding, I tell them they have a relationship with their toothpaste. After getting a few chuckles, I proceed to convince them about this metaphor and about brand loyalty. Every time you go to the store, you make a conscious effort of what you buy and in […]