Step Into the World of A Louisiana Legend

Here at Design the Planet, we are in the business of making people FEEL what their eyes are seeing. One of our personal goals is that our work truly connects with the viewer. We were thrilled when Mignon Faget reached out to us to redesign their website, along with a special section called Mignon’s Journal. […]



Brother Martin High School New Website Goes Live!

Brother Martin High School is one of the leading all-boy Catholic schools in New Orleans. The school fosters development of its students with an emphasis on character, scholarship, and the soul through strong academic, athletic, and extracurricular programs. The new website replaces the past website developed in the 1990s and can be updated by numerous […]



New Orleans Logos – Drago’s

When you think of New Orleans, you probably think of the culture, music, Mardi Gras, and definitely the food. One of the New Orleans area’s finest seafood restaurants is Drago’s. They are especially known for their oysters. On a drive down Metairie Road, you will see the fun-loving Drago’s crawfish mascot on their sign [pictured […]



Who Dat in the Super Bowl? put it best, “Who Dat in the Super Bowl?”. Believe it or not, the New Orleans Saints are in the Super Bowl. Oddly enough, they’re facing New Orleanians QB Peyton Manning & WR Reggie Wayne. Many believed the Saints would never make it to the big game. In fact, WWL’s sports legend, Jim Henderson, […]



New Orleans Logos – Premium Parking

I know we promised not to spotlight our clients in the New Orleans Logos section of our website, but this is not a design client for us. We actually just recoded & cleaned up Premium Parking’s website and helped them with some web marketing so we think the logo still counts. Premium Parking’s logo reminds […]



New Section for New Orleans Logos

We decided to add a new section to our blog about New Orleans Logos. Basically, we will share some of our favorite logos that we see around New Orleans and give a brief description of why we like them and why they work. Don’t worry, we won’t be plugging our own logos; we actually will […]



Why Did the Black Truck Turn White?

I have no idea. After a successful branding of a waste management company that is as synonymous with black as UPS is with brown, the SDT Waste truck is now white. I am amazed, stunned, and baffled by this change. Living in the New Orleans post-Katrina has had it’s ups and downs, but won of […]



It’s Snowing in New Orleans!

As I’m sure this will be the subject of many New Orleanian bloggers today, it is in fact, snowing in New Orleans! But, this will not be a post about the snow in New Orleans; rather a craving I had for coffee while watching the snow fall. When my roommate woke me about the little […]