New Orleans Logos – The Bulldog

Graphically speaking, many designers would argue this is not the best logo, but as a patron of the pub this is probably the best logo for the task at hand. When I think of an image for a pub called “The Bulldog”, this is what comes to mind. The sign is a vintage wooden sign […]



New Orleans Logos – New Orleans Saints

With football season in full force and all of the buzz around this weekend’s prime time Halloween game between our beloved New Orleans Saints versus the Pittsburgh Steelers along with the hulabaloo about ownership of “Who Dat”, we thought it was only fitting that we talked about the Saints fleur-de-leis logo. The Saints logo the […]



New Orleans Logos –

We’re continuing our New Orleans logo posts where we talk about logos around town. This post will discuss our thoughts on’s logo and we ask for your input in the comments section below. The logo is simple at first glance, but as we reviewed the logo design we noticed more significant features. The […]



New Orleans Logos – Drago’s

When you think of New Orleans, you probably think of the culture, music, Mardi Gras, and definitely the food. One of the New Orleans area’s finest seafood restaurants is Drago’s. They are especially known for their oysters. On a drive down Metairie Road, you will see the fun-loving Drago’s crawfish mascot on their sign [pictured […]



New Orleans Logos – Premium Parking

I know we promised not to spotlight our clients in the New Orleans Logos section of our website, but this is not a design client for us. We actually just recoded & cleaned up Premium Parking’s website and helped them with some web marketing so we think the logo still counts. Premium Parking’s logo reminds […]



New Orleans Logos – Hubig’s Pies

Not many things bring me back to my youth in New Orleans as a Hubig’s pie. It is a simple pleasure that one has to indulge on a few times a year. Regardless of your favorite flavor (mine is banana), a Hubig’s pie is a timeless treat and a part of New Orleans’ culture. You […]



New Orleans Logos – Tiptina’s

This is another legendary household name in New Orleans – Tiptina’s. Many locals just call it “Tips”. Tiptina’s is an Uptown New Orleans concert hall and music haven. I’m not sure where the banana comes from and the importance of it. A friend thinks the banana is a sign of luck or happiness. Regardless the […]



New Orleans Logos – Audubon Institute

Audubon Institute’s logo is one of my all-time favorite logos and I do not think the designer of the logo gets enough credit for it. (I’m not even sure who designed it.) This logo is one of the reasons I become a graphic designer. The logo captivates the spirit of the animals and the interaction […]



New Orleans Logo – Rosy’s Jazz Hall

The logo for Rosy’s Jazz Hall always catches my eye when driving down Tchoupitoulas in Uptown New Orleans. My favorite part about it is the spirit and character it projects. I have a feeling of what it is like inside just by looking at the logo. It projects the cool vibe of the place with […]