Things To think through before deciding to franchise (Part Two)

The Franchise model of expanding brands into multiple location businesses quickly and efficiently has been around a long time, but that doesn’t mean that starting a franchise is an easy process. Here is Part 2 of Things to Think Through as you are considering whether your Brand has what it takes to become a successful […]



What a Bad Logo Will Cost You

Sometimes when we quote a logo redesign or identity package update people are surprised - surprised at what a great logo can cost. I can explain until I'm blue in the face why you need a professionally designed logo and why you should find a company you admire to develop one (and pay them a reasonable sum of money to create one), but somehow people still doubt what a great logo is worth. So, to make my point another way, I'll explain what a BAD Logo will cost you.



The 3-Lettered Monster

ABC – what does it mean? I don’t know. What about another one; MLO? Another clueless answer. CVS? Strike three Why do companies name themselves three lettered acronyms? Maybe they do this to make graphic designers’ job harder or maybe it is to confuse consumers. Unless you have a brand that is a household name […]



Keepin’ It Real

Why a logo redesign? Simply, things change. Times change. Fashion changes. Hopefully, your business has changed. Are things really the same now as they were when your business opened its doors? Doubtful, even if you have only been in business for a year or two. Think about it, twenty years ago you didn’t have email. […]



Why Change a Good Brand?

Leading up to the re-brand of our company this year, several people told me that they liked the old identity and they loved the old web site, so why would I want to change something that was successful? I shared my reasons for updating the Design the Planet brand with them, and I’d like to […]