Today’s Google Doodle

As you’ve undoubtedly seen, today’s Google Doodle is super cool! The interactive (lever on the right) Google logo honors Jules Verne—a science fiction writer—who gave us the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and A Journey to the Center of the Earth. Although Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea was before my time (1954), my […]



Clever Ads

I always get sidetracked when I run across an article with a load of clever ads. They’re such a nice change from the mundane ads vigorously trying to sell me something, or the ads that go unnoticed because they have no umph. Here are a few more-thoughtful ads that caught my eye from the article, […]



I Guess Google Doesn’t Know All

We’ve had a lot of conversations in the office about the power of Google and what they might do with it. Google has a great office culture (Google “google office“) and provides many free apps, such as Docs, Analytics, and Maps to drive traffic to their websites. I am still astonished every time I look […]



An Internet Showdown!

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the tech news over the last few months, Google and Apple have been duking it out over the direction they see the web heading. It seems that Apple is more and more interested in determining how content will flow through its tubes. It claims that Adobe’s Flash […]



Lies, Damn Lies, & Statistics

By now, just about everyone has read about Google’s big anti-censorship push in China and throughout the rest of the world. Net censorship is a huge deal. Not just for citizens of the free world, but for the less fortunate living under authoritarian regimes and dictatorships it means the difference between freedom and tyranny. Being […]



Parisian Keyword Search

Google is a household name; has been for some time now. We’ve even turned “google” into a verb for “searching online” – “Just Google it!” Most people are surprised to find out that Google has never aired a single commercial for their popular search engine. Their first ad ever aired during Super Bowl 44 (that’s […]



Google Hints at Speed Requirements

This past week, in an interview with Web Pro News, Matt Cutts from Google hinted that the load time of your page may become a factor in page ranking. Google hasn’t released all of the details, and they probably won’t (we still don’t know the exact algorithms Google uses to determine page rank – it’s […]



Google’s Attack on Retail Businesses through Word of Mouth

New Orleans City Business posted an article yesterday that has the web development & business community in a tither. The article is about Google’s new Sidewiki. This can be detrimental to small businesses because it will show user reviews in the sidebar while reviewing a business’ website. We all know an upset customer yells louder […]