Defining a Brand Ambassador

What is an ambassador of a brand? EVERYTHING! If that sounds a little dramatic for you, that’s okay. It was a purposeful and comprehensive answer – just as your brand should be. Let’s define “EVERYTHING” further with just a few examples of brand ambassadors: Employees: Uniforms and personal appearance, attitude, and knowledge of your products […]



What have I learned…

As a somewhat new designer here at Design the Planet, (I interned here last summer before I graduated) I have been here for 70 days, and so I ask myself, “What have I learned” in that time? Well… 1. Time is of the essence. 2.  The office is best run on the frequency of good […]



A View From Outside

Our office has a different look outside here at Design the Planet; the look of a construction site. Earlier this year our office building’s roof had a leak that dripped on the ceiling of our atrium. Unfortunately, our atrium is 5-stories tall and not easy to repair. Take a look at what we got to […]