Defining a Brand Ambassador

What is an ambassador of a brand? EVERYTHING! If that sounds a little dramatic for you, that’s okay. It was a purposeful and comprehensive answer – just as your brand should be. Let’s define “EVERYTHING” further with just a few examples of brand ambassadors: Employees: Uniforms and personal appearance, attitude, and knowledge of your products […]



1. Keep your brand “fashionable” Consumers look for what’s new and different. Like fashions, a brand can become dated. With old packaging, colors, fonts and style it could be time to do that makeover. If sales have gone down, take a look at your brand and packaging versus what the competition is sporting. How do […]



Things To think through before deciding to franchise (Part Two)

The Franchise model of expanding brands into multiple location businesses quickly and efficiently has been around a long time, but that doesn’t mean that starting a franchise is an easy process. Here is Part 2 of Things to Think Through as you are considering whether your Brand has what it takes to become a successful […]


Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business. If done well, commercial vehicle wraps could be considered a blend of advertising and art, and they can create many memorable impressions. Vehicle wraps, or the vehicle graphics that we often see on trucks, buses, and vans, are one of the most […]



What a Bad Logo Will Cost You

Sometimes when we quote a logo redesign or identity package update people are surprised - surprised at what a great logo can cost. I can explain until I'm blue in the face why you need a professionally designed logo and why you should find a company you admire to develop one (and pay them a reasonable sum of money to create one), but somehow people still doubt what a great logo is worth. So, to make my point another way, I'll explain what a BAD Logo will cost you.



A great BRAND ad.

Mastercard touched our hearts with a charming continuation of their Priceless ad campaign with a gathering of the brands we all grew up with from childhood. We see the Morton Salt Girl touch the Pillsbury Dough Boys tummy and the Vlasic Pickles Stork chomping on a pickle while the Jolly Green Giant looks in through […]