This past weekend marks another year when companies pay boocoos of money for spots to advertise during the Super Bowl, but it was also the first year the NFL has offered free, live-streaming of the game online or via mobile phone.

Live Streaming

I only watched a small portion of the game, but I did give the live-streaming a go. Although the quality wasn’t up to par with watching the game on a big screen, the live-streaming interface had lots to offer (besides being legal and free). There were multiple camera angles to choose from, a “Twitter Battle” poll that displayed the hype of which team was being rooted for, in-game Q&A via Twitter, sideline tweets, and of course—the ads.

The Ads

In all, there were roughly 60 Super Bowl commercials for products, services, auto dealers, & TV/movie promotions. Although I feel like the Super Bowl commercials are loosing their creativity, some still retain a bit of humor or focus. You can watch all the Super Bowl 46 commercials here.

Other Super Bowl tid-bits:

1. It’s likely only the instant-purchase products notice a direct increase in sales due to Super Bowl advertising—namely Doritos, Coke, Pepsi, & Budweiser (versus auto industry ads, or service-related spots).

2. It seems the Super Bowl will be nixing the custom host stadium logos and going with a standard logo that will only get updated roman numerals. Semi-unrelated—commenters note the awkwardness that Super Bowl 50 would read “Super Bowl L”.

3. The highest Tweets per second #SuperBowl peak came at the end of the game: 12,233. 2nd highest was during Madonna’s performance: 10,245. Via Twitter.

Your Thoughts

So, did you watch the game? Were you happy with the outcome? What do you think of live-streaming being offered? And, what was your favorite Super Bowl commercial this year?