Here at Design the Planet, we are in the business of making people FEEL what their eyes are seeing. One of our personal goals is that our work truly connects with the viewer. We were thrilled when Mignon Faget reached out to us to redesign their website, along with a special section called Mignon’s Journal. This portion of the website is a timeline of the personal events and landmark jewelry collections that have built this formidable lady’s legend. 

In order to capture Mignon’s objects of adornment and fabulous lifestyle in motion, we chose to employ an interesting, highly visual programming innovation called scrolling parallax effect.  The technique uses multiple background images moving at different synchronized speeds that speed up as the user scrolls down, creating a unique 3D-type effect. The result is a gorgeous, seamless experience that draws you straight into the glamorous world of the one and only Mignon Faget.


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