Responsive Web Design

It’s 2018: You Need A Website That Performs Across All Platforms.

By next year, experts believe more than 63 percent of mobile phone users will access online content through their devices – or trying to anyway. So, is your business’ website optimized to perform well on smart phones and tablets? Or, will it frustrate your audience and run off potential business? Few things are more annoying than trying to view a website on a smart phone that was designed for a desktop computer.

Good jeffersonDoor_websiteNews: You don’t need multiple websites. You need Responsive Design.

You don’t have to build a new website strictly for mobile? With Responsive Design, you can have one website that automatically adjusts on all screens sizes across all devices – desktop, tablet and phone (iOS and Android compatible). In addition, Responsive Design is ideal for SEO.

Responsive Design from Design the Planet can help you:

Our development team puts best practices to work on every site we build, and they use proven methodology to create websites that perform as great as they look – across all platforms.

If your web site is not responsive, you are losing business! Contact us NOW!!