Print Design & Advertising

People read and consume images at a fast pace, and in three seconds or less they need to connect with your brand and message, and do it consistently. How do we persuade the consumer’s short and long-term memory to store data… data that is easily referenced, benefit-driven, and behavior driving?

The best way is through your brand and messaging consistency. Print & Advertising is effective when content and images are used to create a chain of ideas centered around the primary product or message–consistently.

Print is a difficult medium to work with. Company brochures and high-end sales packages need to have more timeless content while quick promotions and direct mail will utilize more “in the now” messaging.  Printing time can be one hour or one month and we have solid relationships with printers at every level. We can design an endless package of print materials and ads, and integrate them seamlessly into your multi-channel marketing mix – print and online.

and more…