Inbound Marketing

Online search is how prospective customers find you, and Inbound Marketing is how online search finds you. The purpose of Inbound Marketing is to create and disperse content that brings people to your brand through interest and relevancy.Where the world of marketing previously operated on cold-calling and interruptive ads with a marketer-centric perspective, these days we focus on the consumer. By creating content that is designed to address the potential wants and needs of your brand community, engage them in a social conversation, and potentially make their day-to-day easier, you are converting them from brand strangers into people who are genuinely interested and appreciative of your business. This, in turns, keeps them choosing to come back to you. This is a multi-channel approach that utilizes blogging, social media, SEO, email, newsletters, and calls-to-action in order to convert brand strangers into brand ambassadors and buyers.

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