Identity & Logo Design

Your logo is the identifier of your brand… not just a pretty graphic. When people think of brands, they think of the logo and identity first. Having a high quality professionally designed logo and identity package will set you apart from your competitors, and grab the attention of your customer audience. Your logo and identity creation process is not to be rushed and should be guided by your brand strategy and branding statements. We spend time getting to know you and your brand so we can deliver a package that accurately represents your company and speaks effectively to your brand community.

Does your business need a name?

We’ve helped numerous companies develop new identities, company and product names,  and have helped rename and rebrand existing companies. Our extensive multi-stage process keeps you involved in and informed about every step of your identity creation. The result is the creation of brand identities that match your story, positioning and character, while inspiring your team and producing positive marketing results.

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