Brand Positioning

Awareness, visibility and recognition by the right audience is driven by brand positioning. To attract the right customers, your product or service must connect with a distinct and valuable place in the minds of potential consumers. Brand Positioning utilizes your unique value proposition, identified through our Brand Base-Audit, to create the brand promise that will compel prospects/customers to choose to do business with you rather than a competitor. Your Brand Positioning Statement is one of the Branding Statements we can generate from your Guidance Report, and it becomes the touchstone for telling your story, communicating with the right audiences in the most relevant way, and marketing your business appropriately.

Your brand positioning statement should be used to generate the buyer awareness and the mind-share you’ll need to be successful. For brand positioning to be effective, it is vital for your product or service to have an appropriate identity and proper positioning statement targeted to the needs and wants of your desired consumers. If done correctly, not only will these preferred customers purchase your product/service, but they can warrant larger margins for your company through the increased added value your brand positioning communicates.