Brand Audit

The Brand Base-Audit is our flagship service, and where many of our Core Partners begin with us. It’s designed to Discover and Define your company’s “true brand.” It identifies the brand characteristics and story that exists in spite of ownership, management, or your employees’ brand assumptions. Organizations needing a top-to-bottom objective-and-candid assessment of their client experience, and their marketing journey will want to begin here. Most organizations choosing to undergo the Brand Base-Audit process are also excited about the valuable recommendations we provide to help them to their next steps. To increase the effectiveness of this deep-dive research into your brand’s essence, each Brand Base-Audit is customized to suit your industry and your concerns, while focusing on your long term goals and short term needs.

There are many aspects to a bran. The findings produced by our proprietary Brand Base-Audit provide the basis for open and honest conversation about your company’s characteristics and value proposition and its competitive weaknesses and challenges to growth, while uncovering your opportunities to evolve. For organizations challenged by internal brand disconnect, the Discovery findings provide guidance for developing training and immersion tools needed to realign your team’s expectations and behaviors with the true brand character of your organization.

We lead with strategy, and the Brand Base-Audit is necessary to prevent brand disconnect… Both internally and externally. Once you understand the journey your prospects have to take in order to become a customer, developing your marketing and branding initiatives becomes much easier. 

The Brand Base-Audit provides:

  1. An understanding of where your brand is today
  2. Identification of your competition
  3. Mapping where and how clients interact with your marketing and branding (including sales)
  4. Identification of your most important Buyer/Customer
  5. The good and bad of your current branding and sales process
  6. Concisely stated recommendations for improvement
  7. The foundation for branding statements necessary for directing all marketing
  8. Hours of industry-leading advice that follows a goals-centric agenda

Who should consider undergoing the Brand Base-Audit?

It’s invaluable for most Business-to-Business companies that are:

  1. Currently doing some kind of external marketing to attract new clients. (If you would describe your current marketing as “Spray and Pray” then the BBA is probably for you)
  2. Relying on a small to medium size sales department with or without in-house marketers
  3. Working to or planning to expand into new markets
  4. Organizations that have an aging brand
  5. Transitioning leadership to the next generation (father to child, or owner to new owners)

Contact us to find out more or to discover what the process might look like for your company.