I walked in the living room last night and my wife was watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on TV. In true Victoria’s Secret fashion, the models were gorgeous, the background was beautiful and the production was perfect, but one thing stood out to me very quickly and continued throughout the program, they were not selling their product. Victoria’s Secret is the best-known lingerie company in the world and they were hosting a multi-million dollar extravaganza on prime time television and they covered up most of the lingerie with extravagant props, decorations and artful clothing. Many people would never notice this lack of attention on the lingerie because they were having a good time watching the models, musicians and the exciting program. Some may chastise Victoria’s Secret from doing such a stupid thing, but in the eyes of their marketer, it was brilliant. Victoria’s Secret was not selling bras and panties that night; they were selling the Victoria’s Secret brand. A brand that is fun, exciting, high-end, and glamorous. They achieved this with out a doubt in an hour-long fashion show with celebrities lining the catwalk like they would a movie premier or professional sporting event. This was their event of the year!