We’re increasingly moving away from written word to video – a large majority of youtube comprises of informative videos, ranging from baking how tos to philosophy 101. It only makes sense that unpleasant experiences, i.e. deciphering your bills, are being converted into enjoyable visual experiences.

AT&T has begun emailing a personalized video explaining their bills to customers in North America. Having witnessed one of my own, I left the three minute experience feeling less confusion about various charges, taking out the need to call support for explanations. (No, this is not mine and I’m not Bryan.)

I see this as a bright new direction for plenty of the paperwork we loathe.  Now there are some things I would much prefer to read – if its an enjoyable article or book, or a technical tutorial, I’d like to take my time with it. But I’d love a personalized tax return video guide, complete with flowing motion graphics and bouncy colors, sans customer service rep.