Water by Awakening

Water by Awakening’s team is inspired by a singular belief that nature gives us water, and science makes it better. Their water purification system eliminates odors and contaminants from that H2o we all love to drink so much – and it filters helpful nutrients back in, giving your body only the best of the best. Design the Planet’s goal was to craft a marketing toolkit for Awakening that would utilize creative design to represent the science driving their organization. The finished products include a new logo, a water machine dispensary wrap, business cards, a door hanger, and an informative video explaining their product benefits. Each piece of their marketing toolkit is designed to be an elegant, informative guide to their mission and services that will educate and resonate with any health-oriented hydrater out there. The DTP team had a blast working with such a sustainably driven organization. (And we’ve been well hydrated ever since!)


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