LSU School of Dentistry

In 2018, The Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, a part of the LSU Health School in New Orleans, celebrates their 50th anniversary. To commemorate this momentous occasion and rally the fundraising support of alumni, friends and the local community, the school required help with its branding and marketing efforts; Design the Planet proudly stepped in to partner with LSU School of Dentistry and aide in the sharing of their storied history as Louisiana’s only dental school.


Branding & Logo Design – “Making Louisiana Smile”

Over the years, the LSU School of Dentistry has amassed many milestone achievements. We realized the direct impact the school had in fostering a healthy, smiling Louisiana – approximately 80 % of the dental professionals in Louisiana are graduates of the school. For this reason, our first goal was to create a logo that symbolized this impact while also honoring the 50 years of top-tier dental education producing nearly 6,000 dental professionals.

Compendium Videos

Perhaps one of the best ways to share the story of the LSU School of Dentistry is to hear from its people: students, faculty and alumni. We successfully shot, directed and edited several videos to further highlight the state-of-the-art facilities, the dedication and commitment of the students, and the accomplishments of those who’ve graduated.

Interactive Timeline

Design the Planet developed a historical interactive timeline that captured some of the most important moments along the school’s 50 year journey. Starting from 1968, when Dean Jeansonne began to assemble the pieces needed to form an accredited school, and spanning through to present day, the timeline captures it all. It works on any device and is ready to accommodate future milestones.

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