bs_realios_Mobile_iPhone 6S Plus-9.0Hemline is a growing women’s boutique (style empire) – with 20 locations across the USA.

Design the Planet teamed up with Hemline after they identified that they were having difficulty making updates & changes to their old website. While the design of the site wasn’t bad, the backend WordPress functionality was poorly planned, arduous to update, and the developer took weeks to make small changes. With new offering and products needing to launch daily – waiting weeks for a change on the website was no longer acceptable. Also, the old version of the website was not using WordPress correctly and therefore could break at any time without any way to fix it. Hemline knew that this major flaw needed to be fixed before there was a breakdown.

We helped Hemline, and their amazing internal marketing team, by coding a new website utilizing some existing styles, while making significant upgrades. We reduced the amount of plugins used to only the necessary ones, therefore making the interface less confusing and allowing the site to work more efficiently. The upgrades we made will make it easier for Hemline to continually make updates on a regular basis with a lot less confusion.

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