We’ve covered a whole range of topics centered on perfecting your brand’s website – from tone to optimizing for mobile devices, to design do’s and don’ts, and more. While these are all extremely important, our next blog post covers the cherry on top: personalizing websites.

We all know by now that people surfing the web are continually consuming such an influx of information that their brains hardly begin to comprehend even one-third of it. Loads of websites start to look and feel almost exactly the same, and as they blend together, they often end up losing their identity to the mental swamp of “Websites You Can’t Remember But Thought Was Kinda Cool.” Cling to this life-vest, dear reader, if you feel that your site is inspiring the miraculous human act of eyes glazing over. It might just be that you’re in need of some unique website personalization to set you apart.

What is personalizing my website, and why should I do it?

Website personalization can be executed in tons of different ways but is mostly all about letting the interwebs see a more human side of your brand and business operations to give your website a more personal feeling. Working examples of this are behind-the-scenes photos, customized staff photos that highlight your crew, or any unique projects/volunteer work you complete. Website personalization is a useful tool for building your external and internal brand culture, but the benefits don’t just stop there. Showing off the folk that makes your day-to-day possible, and the extraordinary things that those people do, even if they’re a bit quirky, give people looking at your website a reason to connect with your brand in ways that are more lasting and powerful than price or offering. More opportunities for converting strangers to loyal fans of your brand = more revenue, and increased website/foot traffic for you in the long run.

On our Design the Planet staff page, we have photos that show off who we are. Rob and Adrienne’s photos each convey their professional, creative and confident outlook on things both business and pleasure. Christi’s picture gives the world a peek of her sweet side and then gets a little wild with her dance costume for the Roux La La dance troupe. Our retired Office Manager, Christi’s dog Seahorse, keeps us all in check. Seahorse gets the most attention of our team members, because he’s adorable, and also because people like to get a glimpse of our sense of humor. (Dog lovers around the world, unite!) He is usually the first subject brought up by prospective customers who have taken a look at our site, and they feel camaraderie with us after seeing his photo, because they, too, treasure their furry friends. Finding excellent examples like Seahorse let your audience know that you’re human, and give them an opportunity to relate to you.

Once you’ve personalized your team photos, don’t stop there. Another great way to bring humanity to your website and show off your brand identity is by adding your social media feeds. Not only does it offer people more opportunities to observe your creative output, but it also gives your brand increased accessibility, illuminating the behind-the-scenes moments that make up your company’s success, and the human face of the hard work that got you there. In today’s digital climate, consumers navigate tidal waves of information on a second-to-second basis – any opening you can give them to remember you, connect with your company, and inspire an emotional interest is a valuable opportunity to create a new fan of your brand.

Show off your volunteer work, certifications, and community involvement by putting photos and descriptions of past achievements on your page. This is your chance to toot your own horn – something that many businesses just do not do enough. Let the world know what makes you guys so great, why you’re fueled to help, what you’ve done to give back, and how you got to where you are today. It’s okay to talk to them like you’re sitting in front of them – adopting the language that is true to your brand is just another way of showing off the humans behind the screen.

Have more insights on personalizing your website? Share a tip or the story of how you’ve customized your own website experience. We’re always looking to hear from you!