As referenced in a previous post, a younger and more nutritionally concerned generation is affecting the way fast food standbys of decades are operate: no longer is burger king, consumers are demanding more. And the menu is not the only thing changing.

Consider chain giants of recent years: Panera, Chipotle, every new fro-yo store on the market.  Menus consist of better-feeling options, more quality ingredients, more variety and choice. These are a new breed of restaurant, that’s not quite sit down and be served, nor is it fast food: all these restaurants have a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere that allows the consumer to enjoy their surroundings. Perhaps inspired by coffee shops and other casual venues, they drop the bright colors and stark interiors meant to hurry consumers out with their food for gentle earth tones or fresher feeling décor.


All this means it’s time for the Fast-food giants of the past to make a change, or make an exit. We’ve already seen the efforts Wendy’s has made: a rebrand and a massive menu change.  Over the past decade, McDonalds has been shifting away a bit from their classic red and yellow and incorporating softer interiors, creating an atmosphere a consumer will find more pleasant to spend time in. Their menu change is in part due to ex CEO Mike Roberts, who is now fronting a health and ethics conscious fast food chain, Lyfe Kitchen.

Are you excited about these new changes? Or craving the old warm-fuzzies of brands we know?