Design the Planet’s services include brand identity development and creation, custom website design and WordPress development, strategic brand marketing planning and implementation, and inbound/outbound digital marketing strategies. Our Core Partner’s represent a wide variety of industries and range from small local brands to national corporations.

Brand Strategy

Building your brand marketing strategy requires having an intimate knowledge of your story. We begin every Core Partner relationship with a comprehensive deep-dive into your past. We need to know what got  you to now, so we can get you to what’s next. The Discovery Stage Brand Base-Audit ensures that your strategy is rooted in your mission, stays true to your vision, and differentiates you from your competition in a unique and meaningful way. If you haven’t yet discovered or refined your company’s value proposition, the Discovery Stage Brand-Base Audit will provide the necessary insight.


Website Design & Development

To grow a business today, a strategic web presence is a necessity. The phone book is a thing of the past. Your customers are searching for you online and, most likely, from a mobile device. One of the biggest challenges companies face is building and managing an effective website that actually produces valuable customer engagement and conversion. A lot of web designers build nice-looking websites. Few build websites that produce results and generate ROI. If you want a website that works as hard as you do, you’ve come to the right place.


Brand Marketing Planning & Implementation

A carefully developed brand strategy facilitates effective communication, customer engagement, internal cultural alignment, and ultimately, advertising that leads to strong sales. Effective brand marketing requires applying your brand strategy across your entire customer and employee experience. Utilizing your Brand Base-Audit findings, we’ll help you develop an annual budget and a calendar for planning and tracking your brand marketing initiatives. At least once a year, we’ll help you evaluate your ROI. You’ll know what to keep and what to cast aside. Let’s discuss the evolution of your brand marketing today.

Internal Marketing Planning & Facilitation

Successful businesses have internal cultural characteristics that make them unique and compelling to the right employees. When internal brand marketing is applied to an organization, there is a marked improvement in employee satisfaction, efficiency, and profitability. Design the Planet has a proprietary process for identifying your company’s values, beliefs, behaviors, traditions, myths and heroes.  Through internal marketing, we activate your core values to move your team toward becoming your brand’s true ambassadors. Internal brand alignment, immersion, and evolution should not be accidental. Learn how we connect your past to your future to bring your employees around to your way of doing business.


Lead Generation & Marketing Automation

Wondering who’s visiting your website? Want to know if that “super-all-important prospect” is checking you out online? With the right suite of integrated website surveillance tools, you’ll know exactly who is browsing your site in real-time. Your sales and marketing team can then use this knowledge to send automatic emails directly to the visitor with the right content at the right time. Marketing Automation, in its broadest sense, is a platform that marketers use to plan, coordinate, manage and measure their marketing campaigns. A marketing automation platform will help streamline your sales and marketing  by replacing or augmenting high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions. Let us help you drive and convert more leads and optimize your return on your website investment.

Mobile App Development

With a Mobile App,  you can reach your customers in real time. Apps drive engagement and allow you to communicate with a dynamic mobile audience. Not only do they offer unique ways to interact with people, they help you grow your sales without adding sales people. Apps offer rich features such as Custom Loyalty Programs, Push Notifications, Reservations/Bookings for your business, Mobile Food Ordering, and much more. There’s a reason mega-companies provide apps for their customers – they work! Before you lose any more business to those other guys, let us show you how easy and affordable apps can be.