I know we promised not to spotlight our clients in the New Orleans Logos section of our website, but this is not a design client for us. We actually just recoded & cleaned up Premium Parking’s website and helped them with some web marketing so we think the logo still counts.

Premium Parking’s logo reminds me of the London Underground logo and has a European feel to it which matches New Orleans’ European history and influence. The logo is clean, simple and to the point. We talk all the time that less is more and this is a good example of it and well needed.

When a potential customer is looking for parking, especially in the busy Central Business District (CBD) or New Orleans where much of the company’s lots are located, they need an easy to find, well recognized visual that quickly translates into available parking. The red color helps the logo stand out and draw attention toward the sign.

Oddly though, the logo reminds me of a No Parking sign, but in a good way. The Premium Parking “P” is recognizable as “parking” and without the slash through the letter, it looks like parking is available.

Check out the Premium Parking website at http://www.premiumparkingservice.com.