We’re continuing our New Orleans logo posts where we talk about logos around town. This post will discuss our thoughts on NOLA.com’s logo and we ask for your input in the comments section below.

The NOLA.com logo is simple at first glance, but as we reviewed the logo design we noticed more significant features. The most obvious piece is the crescent shape reflecting the city’s “Crescent City” nickname. The font for the word “nola” actually reflects the website’s origins as the local newspaper’s website, The Times-Picayune. The font is an older font with the strong serifs (feet) on each character. The word being in all lowercase actually reflects more of the web’s character and is a very Web 2.0 style. What surprised me the most was nola.com’s age actually predates the Web 2.0 movement. The circular shape reverberates the crescent shape and the modern font for “.com” continues the web look.

What are your thoughts on the NOLA.com logo?