With football season in full force and all of the buzz around this weekend’s prime time Halloween game between our beloved New Orleans Saints versus the Pittsburgh Steelers along with the hulabaloo about ownership of “Who Dat”, we thought it was only fitting that we talked about the Saints fleur-de-leis logo.

The Saints logo the iconic fleur-de-leis design that is evident just about every where in New Orleans, especially after the city rallied back from Hurricane Katrina. This centuries old icon now symbolizes the faith and love for the city of New Orleans and many New Orleans area business have a fleur-de-leis incorporated into their company logos as well as the City of New Orleans’s logo. Although nearly everyone uses the fleur-de-leis design, the Saints have a unique version of the design that makes it their own. Do a simple Google image search for fleur-de-leis and you’ll find hundred, if not thousands, of different designs. You should be able to spot the Saints logo as being unique.

The Saints changed the logo in 2000 (according to SportsLogo.net) to incorporate the gold and fine tuned the design to make it more unique. Besides that color and slight design change, not much has changed since the team was founded on All Saints Day in 1967.

When thinking of a logo or even a mascot for a football team called the Saints, not much comes to mind actually that is not sacrilegious with a fighting angel. Although not a fierce name like the bears, lions, and tigers, the Saints name is unique and fitting for New Orleans. The city is very Catholic throughout history and as mentioned previously, the iconic fleur-de-leis is found throughout the city. Also, what other football stadiums can say they have fans dressed as Moses and the Pope at their games?