Not many things bring me back to my youth in New Orleans as a Hubig’s pie. It is a simple pleasure that one has to indulge on a few times a year. Regardless of your favorite flavor (mine is banana), a Hubig’s pie is a timeless treat and a part of New Orleans’ culture. You can see artwork using the Hubig’s logo in galleries in New Orleans and in households across the country. The iconic character is simple yet tells so much about the wholesome goodness inside. One of my favorite treats for friends visiting New Orleans is to have pick up a pie when at a convenience store or poboy shop. Each time, they remark how inviting the character is and it must be a good treat if it’s been around all this time with an almost unchanged look. In this case, I think changing the look of the packaging would be detrimental.

What do you think of the Hubig’s pie character and packaging? What is your favorite flavor?