When you think of New Orleans, you probably think of the culture, music, Mardi Gras, and definitely the food. One of the New Orleans area’s finest seafood restaurants is Drago’s. They are especially known for their oysters.

On a drive down Metairie Road, you will see the fun-loving Drago’s crawfish mascot on their sign [pictured on the right]. This logo is the New Orleans version of Americana for me, it’s New Orleanian. The logo has some fun and some class. The font is distinct even though it appears to be an unaltered fontface.  and I like how the “S” is extended, underlining the rest of the word. You may notice the far left side of the “S” is curved to mimic the curve of the “D”. Even the ampersand in the logo has character. (No pun intended.)

What do you think about the Drago’s logo? Do you have a favorite New Orleans restaurant logo?