Audubon Institute includes the Zoo, Aquarium, Insecturium & Park

Audubon Institute includes the Zoo, Aquarium, Insectarium & Parks

Audubon Institute’s logo is one of my all-time favorite logos and I do not think the designer of the logo gets enough credit for it. (I’m not even sure who designed it.)

This logo is one of the reasons I become a graphic designer. The logo captivates the spirit of the animals and the interaction that Audubon gives to its guest. My favorite part about each park is the interaction where the animals are not behind glass or in an enclosure, but right out in front of you so you can touch them. I love seeing a volunteer walk a tortoise and the keepers walking around with owls and hawks on their left hands as part of an impromptu “rapture parade”. The logo projects the animals coming out of their enclosures and the interaction they have with visitors.

The logo also works perfectly for each park as a separate logo with the tiger as the representative for the zoo, the shark for the aquarium and the butterfly for the new insectarium. What do you think about Audubon Institute’s logo?