I happened upon this link this morning. It was actually pretty interesting. I know that each NASA mission takes pictures before they launch, but I had no idea they had been making “movie posters” for a few years now.

I will be the first to admit that some of these posters are pretty terrible. I don’t know who designed them, but I have to applaud the effort. I think it’s a great way to market the space program and the adventures of blasting off into the unknown.

From a marketing design standpoint, however, it would be nice to see the posters have a little bit better design. You’d think with a budget like NASA has that they could put a little bit more money into their marketing. I would imagine having that extra public interest boost might help sustain some of their programs when they’re in danger of being cut by the politicians that be.

I don’t know why NASA doesn’t promote this type of thing more. It seems like it’d be a great way to get kids interested in space exploration and what NASA and other space agencies are doing to explore what’s out there.

It seems NASA has got a bit of a funny side after all.