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Nacho Mama’s is a fun and festive restaurant that works hard to produce great food and good times, while keeping people coming back for more through their attention to flavor and hospitality. For a restaurant that’s used to being unique, Nacho Mama’s annual Cinco de Mayo celebrations weren’t standing out despite offering live bands, contests, and special prices.

Nacho Mama’s original Cinco de Mayo festivities were not unique enough to differentiate their Cinco parties from others. With three separate locations all trying to gather a crowd, the brand needed help distinguishing itself in the minds of their brand community.

Design the Planet developed the “Cinco de Mama” campaign, which specifically tied the holiday to Nacho Mama’s and made it uniquely their own. The new event title cut through the media clutter and a comprehensive month-long celebration culminating in Cinco helped them stand out from other celebrations. To create excitement for the event, Design the Planet began a Countdown to Cinco de Mama which positioned Nacho Mama’s event as the place to be for Cinco in the mind of the brand community long before other parties were ever mentioned. Design the Planet utilized a multimedia approach, including a specific Cinco de Mama website and Facebook ads targeting specific consumers, such as fans of the bands featured at Cinco de Mama.

By utilizing a branded, stand-out celebration title and theme combined with pre-event promotion and engagement activities, Nacho Mama’s enjoyed a 30% increase in event sales across its three locations. Design the Planet’s creative approach and unique spin helped the client exceed sales and attendance goals. Cinco de Mama is designed to be an original campaign that can be reused from year-to-year to keep party-goers coming back for one-of-a-kind Mama’s fun.