Working closely together with clients is one of our specialties and favorite things to do here at Design the Planet. Your product and ideas are key to the mutual success that the designer and client share throughout the design process. We strive hard to incorporate your visualization with our expertise. Another speciality of ours is creative, solid design. Truth is, this is not likely to be one of your areas of prowess.


The designer/client relationship is one built from trust. This faith usually stems from results in the marketplace. Something attracted the client to the designer—that something is most likely the portfolio and current client list. The work reflected in that stunning portfolio that knocked the client’s sock off represents a collective experience level of the branding company. Many talented, trained, and specialized individuals collaborate to reach a calculated concept, design, and execution.


One of the benefits experienced by our clients is being allowed to relax while they put things into our hands. Hey, you’re handing it off to professionals here. It’s nice to sit back and watch us work our magic. While the client’s considerations and ideas are always included in our discussion and proceses, it’s best for both parties to leave the design decisions to the designers. Although sometimes my WebMD app convinces me otherwise, not many people would force an inept opinion against their doctor’s library of knowledge.

Again, let me stress that it’s a relationship and both parties gain from open, honest conversations and the sharing of ideas. Design the Planet’s Think Tank Meetings (where clients and designers brainstorm) are a shining example of moments when brilliance erupts and turns ideas from ordinary to incredible OH-MY-NO-FREAKIN’-WAY-AH-SUUUM! With ideas and design like that, a level of trust is established and you can sit back with a lemonade if you like.


One of our all-time favorite illustrated examples of when this relationship goes horribly wrong has been hilariously depicted by The Oatmeal here.