At Design the Planet, we’re always passing interesting links and resources between each other. Here are a few noteworthy links we’d like to share with you:

1. Your online presence, captured in a single QR code
There’s more and more talk of using QR codes these days. This short video shows a great way to put QR codes to use.

2. The Fold Exists but Does it Matter?
What do you think of “the fold” when it comes to websites? Are you a designer or strictly a web user?

3. iClip lite
A super handy widget that allows multiple clipboards for all your copy/paste needs. Especially useful when flowing content from a client or storing various links and images to reference throughout a project.

4. Five Copywriting Errors That Can Ruin A Company’s Website
A great article that discusses ways to improve your website and blog by focusing on quality content.

Some favorite tips:
• Set a “word budget”
• “A well-written category-level product page talks a bit about features, a little more about benefits and a great deal more about the experience.”
• Highlight your lead sentence
• Add some meta data
• Create a call to action

5. How to Make WordPress Easier for Clients By Removing Unnecessary Menu Options
This article explains ways to make WordPress more efficient for you and your clients by removing extraneous menu items.

6. A Graphic Design Primer, Part 1: The Elements of a Design
Even if you’re a pro at design, it’s necessary to re-review the basics from time-to-time. This refresher course contains lots of great examples to browse as well.

Noteworthy Resources:

7. Letter Count
Simple, but useful. Great for pre-tweeting and also includes character limits for various online tools, e.g., Google AdSense. The Word Counter is great for practicing your word budget too.

8. Convert Case
Ever get content from a client that’s in ALL CAPS? You can thank us later.

What interesting links/resources have you run across recently that you’d like to share?