Here at Design the Planet  we take pride in being ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging web technologies.

It’s important for a few reasons.

It helps us stay current and viable. Since we keep current, we can continue to grow by gaining big name clients and clients that are looking for a superior web presence.

If we aren’t up to speed with the newest ways to design and code our websites, we’ll be outdated and overlooked in no time.

Another big advantage is that the more we stay up to date, the more proficient we become at coding our sites.

This means less unexpected problems, a more streamlined process, and a better user experience for your customers.

A couple technologies I’m referring to, and the ones I’m extremely excited about are HTML5 and CSS3.

In fact, we’ve been using CSS3 techniques for several months now on a lot of our newer websites. Chances are, if we’ve done your site recently, we’ve included some fantastic new CSS3 techniques.

CSS3 allows us to do some really great things for your site, like include custom font faces, apply rounded corners, drop shadows, gradients, and lots of other stylistic things, without having to create and load external image files.

All of this helps us to cut down on load times, and helps to create a better user experience for people who visit your site.

One disadvantage, however, is that Internet Explorer does not support a lot of these techniques. Unfortunately, we’re still forced to create hacks and workarounds so that Internet Explorer will render the same as Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera (this is somewhat off topic, but you can always upgrade your browser to the much more advanced Fire Fox).

We’re very excited to expand our knowledge further with new hardware, software, and coding languages from right now until the distant future.

If you’d like your website coded so that it is scalable and relevant for the next generation of web users, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you move your company into the 21st century.