As I’m sure this will be the subject of many New Orleanian bloggers today, it is in fact, snowing in New Orleans!

But, this will not be a post about the snow in New Orleans; rather a craving I had for coffee while watching the snow fall. When my roommate woke me about the little white fluffies falling from the sky, I first rolled over in my bed in disbelief, but then upon seeing the white scene… wanted some Starbucks coffee… right then. I imagined myself getting all bundled up (scarf and all) and driving to Starbucks on the way to work, waiting in line with all the other pretend coffee consumers, and ordering a Grande Mocha. Maybe their brand has gone to my head, but what a great way to structure a company!

In the end, I did refrain from the Starbucks. Instead, I saved 5 bucks, went to work and pulled a fantastic shot of espresso from River Road Coffees which hit the spot just as well!