All companies have identities that age, but what I like to consider is how that identity will age. The David Beckham brand and look always stays the same, while the iconic Johnny Depp rebrands per movie (per the character).

If David Beckham was an identity package, he would be the one that slowly transformations over time. His identity is one of stability and, like a fine wine, gets better with age. All brands need to evolve; however, if you are a “respected” and “stable” brand that needs to exude “we will be here,” then the David Beckham-type logo and any rebranding process of growth is for you.




Johnny Depp’s logo, icon and packaging change rapidly. Though the core of the brand is strong and iconic, the external image changes almost constantly. Think of the Johnny Depp brand as a high-velocity one that always needs to reinvent itself to keep up with a fast-paced market.



Both approaches work as long as you have a strong plan guiding the branding or rebranding of the organization. If you haven’t looked at your logo, image or branding in a while, it may be time.