Think you need an extra body? Nah. You just need to AMP things up.

Are repetitive tasks keeping your team from doing what you hired them to do – grow your business?

Are they unable to respond to online queries in a timely fashion because they’re in meetings all day?

Are you missing out on lucrative opportunities because of gaps in your current system?

You need to AMP things up. AMP is the Automated Marketing Platform from Design the Planet. While there are some things people can do better than machines, the opposite is true as well.

Invest in AMP and free your team to focus on the bigger picture.

AMP mechanizes routine processes that used to take up valuable time. Forget waiting a day to respond to customer queries. Prospects want to hear from you now. AMP responds instantly and consistently, which promotes a positive relationship with your clients.

Our technology:

  • Connects the multiple channels you use to interact with customers
  • Collects data on these platforms
  • Organizes the data into useful analytics
  • Automatically qualifies prospects
  • Obtains a one-on-one view of your current customers
  • Personalizes the messages you send to them
  • Builds long-term relationships
  • Saves time and money


Reduce marketing overhead and increase sales productivity with AMP.

Many processes that businesses engage in are already automated by artificial intelligence. The truth is your national competition is already using similar technology to grow in your market. In the table below, we address the concerns you may have about automated marketing platforms. Understanding the benefits and using the technology to your advantage is key to your long-term success.

Common ConcernStatisticAMP from DTP
“Our sales and marketing teams are stuck doing routine tasks.Increase sales productivity by 14.5% and reduce overhead by 12.2% with automated marketing (CMO, 2017).AMP automates tasks that save your team time and money.
Personalizing email messages is time-consuming and almost impossible to do for every customer.”Personalized B2B email messages result in 13.3% higher open rates (Experian, 2015).AMP personalizes your email messages automatically.
Our team is busy so cannot always respond immediately to online queries.”Firms who respond to queries within 1 hour are 7x more likely to close a deal than those who took over an hour and 60x more likely than those who took 24 hours (Oldroyd, McElheran, Elkington, 2011).AMP responds instantly to internet queries, enabling you to secure leads.
“Collecting and connecting data requires technology and we don’t have the tools.”32% of marketers’ main reason for not having an automated marketing platform is the lack of tools (Signal, 2015).AMP is the best tool you can use to connect your marketing intelligence.
“Automated Marketing Platforms are expensive.”57% of automated marketing users say the service is worth the investment (VB Insight, 2015).AMP provides value because of its timesaving capabilities.
“Since we use so many platforms that are not connected, a lot of our information is lost.70% of marketers report gaps in their marketing analytics (Signal, 2015).AMP connects your analytics so you can make informed decisions.
“We want to connect the data and information within our marketing mix but it is spread out across channels.”91% of marketers agree an automated marketing platform manages data across the marketing mix (Marketo, 2015).AMP’s technology collects and organizes data across channels.
“I don’t want to be the only one using AMP.”58% of B2B companies are planning on implementing marketing automation (Emailmonday, 2017).AMP will put you ahead of the competition.
“One of our long-term goals is to have a one-on-one view of our customers so we can personalize their experiences and add value.”Only 6% of marketers have a one-on-one view of the customer (Signal, 2015).AMP gives you a one-on-one view of each customer, putting you ahead of 94% of your competition.
Evaluating quality leads takes time and money.”Marketing automation enables you to generate and act on more qualified leads (Pepper Global 2013).AMP analyzes and classifies each lead so you can prioritize prospects.