This month we would like to challenge you to work on your “INTERNAL BRAND” and see what a difference it can make. At Design the Planet we know that the health of our team is paramount and therefore one of our internal brand initiatives is to have a healthy team.

Many companies understand the importance of external brand marketing (differentiate, advertise, show off your logo, get social, etc.), however, just as many companies lack initiative when it comes to internal branding (what you do inside your company with your employees and vendors is important too). Internal branding is critical to your company’s success. Without it, you’ll miss out on sharing your core values and goals with your employees. They need to experience your branding daily to make decisions that are in line with your brand. They are responsible for delivering your brand, after all, …aren’t they?

Some internal branding things we do throughout the year:

  1. A Health Challenge – It lasts for a month – the winner gets a gift card to Whole Foods.
  2. We allow team members to alter their schedules to accommodate getting to the GYM.
  3. Purchase balls for sitting on, instead of chairs, to promote constant movement and stronger core engagement.
  4. Adopting stand-up desks – sitting isn’t good for long periods of time (meaning anything more than 15 minutes or so).
  5. When ordering food for “Fun Friday” or company events – we make sure that a lot of healthy options are available.
  6. Once or twice per year we bring in a speaker to share insights into healthy living.

Promoting good health is a Design the Planet “thing” and there are a ton of other ways to improve your internal brand. One technique to improve your internal branding is to deliver the same level of service to your employees that you would to a client.

Companies that recognize the contributions of their employees are stronger & longer lasting. Your employees are the ambassadors of your brand, so, involve them in new initiatives and keep your internal branding as strong as your external.