Planetary Insights

There are No Blobs on Myface.

If you’re laughing, no I’m not kidding; I’ve been asked about this more than once. If you are scratching your head about what I’m talking about; just keep reading and […]

The 3-Lettered Monster

ABC – what does it mean? I don’t know. What about another one; MLO? Another clueless answer. CVS? Strike three Why do companies name themselves three lettered acronyms? Maybe they […]

Make My Brand Bigger

You know it’s easier to just rip off the band-aid with a quick swipe so I’ll start with a statement that may hurt a bit – you’re logo is not your […]

WEB 2.0

Web 2.0 is the next generation of the web that allows users to dictate content. Traditionally, the newspaper editor spick the headlines and Hollywood executives tell you what movies to […]

What to do? Oh, what to do?

We get asked all the time, “What one form of advertising should I do?” Our usual answer is, “More than one.” In many cases, any combination of multiple mediums of […]

I told you it is red!

Just the other night, my wife was watching the recap of The Oscars? and the hosts were commenting on Katherine Hiegel’s fire engine red dress. The next day, the newspaper […]

What the Favicon?

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of it; “favicon” is a bit technical for most and it is a small item that is easily overlooked. You have probably seen […]

Keepin’ It Real

Why a logo redesign? Simply, things change. Times change. Fashion changes. Hopefully, your business has changed. Are things really the same now as they were when your business opened its […]