In SALES: Timing is Money!

The phrase “time is money” was created by Benjamin Franklin. His common sense example states: if you skip half-a-day’s work, then you throw away half-a-day’s wage.

But we’ve learned to think of it another way while working with companies losing money on their marketing and sales, and that is: “Timing is Money!”

Here is my common sense example of how in marketing “Timing is Money”: Have you ever received a Hot Lead or Referral? Someone called in or responded to a marketing call-to-action and POOF! Your sales team has a fresh lead. A sales team member called them immediately, ready to respond and create a conversation with this new hot lead, only to learn they have chosen another company? Ouch! What happened?

This is what really happened…The prospect lead did their research and then reached out to a few companies they thought were viable. They filled out a form or called into a phone bank to get more information about the service or product they needed. Unfortunately, your competitors got to the lead faster and converted them before you could act on the opportunity.

If we dig into the sales and marketing process further – how much did that lead cost you? How much is all of the marketing, advertising, and sales training that goes into converting leads really costing you? How much will getting new leads cost to replace the one you lost?

68% of all deals are closed by the company the prospect speaks to first. With this in mind, you should be asking yourself the new question: How do we get to the prospect faster?

Here’s one idea: An integrated automated sales-lead management system will notify you when a qualified prospect is on your website looking into your qualifications, relevant past projects, specialization, or capabilities. These systems are designed to help make sure you never accidentally miss a valuable opportunity again. There are several good ones available on the market today, however, each one of them offers benefits that are appropriate for specific sized companies. Since we have intimate working knowledge of our clients’ operations and brands, we help them determine which one will best suit their needs while accomplishing their goals for marketing and sales effectiveness. When choosing one of the systems for your business, you’ll also want to make sure the integration, design, and content loaded into your new system is consistent with your branding and tone.

It will always be difficult to get the timing just right in sales and marketing. However, by integrating an automated sales and marketing management system into your online, mobile, and personal selling efforts, can improve your chances of getting it right, while reducing your lost opportunities. …And how much is that worth to you?

Please let me know what you think of this article and contact me if you have any questions.