There are many things a franchise or multi-location business can do to create that sense of consistency and seamless brand delivery so important for a customer base which, in some cases, have an national or even an international presence. One of the ways to create that consistency is the company uniform; more than just a set of clothes, the company uniform builds brand awareness, evokes company pride and builds confidence in your customer base for your brand. Here are a few supporting points on the basics of the importance of uniforms for a franchise:

LOOK AND FEEL: When a franchise or multi-location business develops a consistent look-and-feel throughout locations, it lets their customer know that this is the same product that they have come to know and trust. The franchise brand is demonstrating that it understands that it’s customers want them to deliver a consistent quality product across all locations. This kind of consistency builds confidence in the brand and tells your customer base that they’ll get the same experience and the same product no matter which location they buy from.

UNITY: Providing your employees a uniform sends them the message that they are equally important and have a vital role to play within the organization. In a business environment, a uniform creates brand awareness among your target audience. The uniform creates unification and consistency within your brand.

BRAND IDENTITY: Think of your company’s uniform as free advertising; using the company colors/logo on marketing materials creates an immediate visual representation of your brand. Every staff member should be aware of the image they express while wearing their uniform. For better or for worse, they are your brand ambassadors.

COMPANY PRIDE: Employees who wear an appealing uniform are proud to be recognized as part of a select team.  A uniform tells them that they are representatives of the brand and, if you’ve hired the right people, they’ll feel some responsibility towards that image. Because of their roles as brand ambassadors, their actions will often determine whether or not the public continues to feel confidence in your brand.

TEAM SPIRIT: People in the same uniform often feel a kinship with one another, especially when they are out in public. Even if they are from different locations there is often a sense of camaraderie upon meeting and recognizing a fellow employee. It builds an instant connection and bond. That team spirit can help people work well together, and a happy team usually equates to ROI.


Everything that represents your company should be well maintained. Dirty vehicles with poor signage conveys an equally poor impression (as does bad drivers). Uniforms also must be kept neat and tidy and the ambassadors wearing those uniforms need to represent the brand through their image and presentation. Your customers will judge your business on presentation and representation, and seeing smart, friendly staff in uniform in or outside of the work environment can form a lasting positive (or not) impression.

To Recap, uniform branding results in the following ROI:

Consistent Look-and-Feel
Unity among Co-Workers
Brand Identity for Brand Ambassadors
Company Pride and Brand Pride
Team Spirit