We work with several franchises and companies that have two or more locations. Some companies, when they find us, are looking for a Marketing Partner while sometimes a single location will contact us about a single marketing issue – either way once they understand how we can help them (info below) – we save them time and money and improve their marketing by 200 percent – sometimes more.

So how do we save franchises and multi-location companies money and give them better marketing results? Here are a few specifics:

1. MARKETING STAFF – We have marketing people, web designers, print designers, email and web marketing professionals, illustrators, writers, project managers – all available to work on your projects – people who understand a great deal about your company and brand. You may think you need to hire an internal designer, but for the same or less cost then a single person you could have all of the marketing, design and planning resources of a full marketing team – and you won’t have to pay for health insurance, taxes or software.

2. MAKE ONE CALL – When one item needs to be changed in the future – like a menu change – we will make the change on the Regular Menu, To Go Menu and Website and get the new stuff out to the stores.  If you have several different people working on your marketing, you have tons of calls to make to tell about the same change over and over.

3. QUALIFIED OPINIONS – We can give an experienced, professional opinion. Some business owners or internal marketing professionals have great marketing ideas, but they need a sounding board to share those ideas with – and in some cases a team that can implement them. We have helped weed out great ideas with past clients and sometimes we can help identify pitfalls of ideas as well. Since we work with other clients in a variety of industries, we also have a pulse on the economy and future developments while many internal teams live in a cave and are not aware of what is going around outside of their company.

4. PROFESSIONAL PLANNING – I can’t tell you how many times we see owners of companies or their assistants in charge of marketing. Owners and assistants have so many other responsibilities that marketing can be an afterthought or a decision that is made in a rush. It is amazing how many people are thrown into marketing because they do all the small tasks in the office. Why give the reins of such an important task that is vital to a company’s success to someone with no experience or desire? We work with companies, understand their market, and then we develop plans that work. We look for marketing opportunities to advertise to pull in new clients but also retain the existing clients.

4. ONLY PAY TO DEVELOP ONCE – You don’t have to pay to have items developed at each store. For example if you allow “Office A in Texas” to develop a brochure, then “Office B in Wisconsin” develops their own brochure – you are paying full design/photography/content development/printing cost at each location. With Design the Planet we are developing one piece and customizing per location – and that will save money now and later when changes need to be made. By printing two or more pieces at the same time – printing cost less.

5. BRANDING AND MARKETING EXPERIENCE – We have worked for Restaurants, Construction Companies, Lending Groups, Service Providers with 3 locations and some as large as 15 locations. We have developed and implemented campaigns that were successful and economical.