How to Use Google My Business to Get More Customers



Hey everybody, I’m Adrienne with Design the Planet.

I’m a 25 year marketing and advertising veteran.

I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of companies and hundreds of business owners grow their brands and grow their businesses, online and off.

today I’m here to share more about how to use Google My Business to get more customers.

Google happens to be have about what is it 92.47% of the shopping market, or the search market in general? So lots of business most of search is being done on Google.

This is why spending the time focusing on your Google My Business is so important.

If you’re looking for more customers on the web, if you’re not getting the business you want now, looking at your Google My Business is a great place to start to start generating more business.

our google my business listing while it is in edit mode

our google my business listing while it is in edit mode

Google My Business Marketing 101

Some of the key thing every business owner needs to know and really take a care of is company name.

I can’t tell you how important it is for this company name to be the exact same name that’s also when your website and other places.

If Google is confused about your company name your company can run into search issues. this is who Google thinks your are only.

Because well, that’s what you set up.

So, you’ll see this name (New Orleans Digital Marketing & Website Design Agency) for us and then you’ll also see this name on all of our other listings properties.

Claim your Google My Business account. Not always an easy task.

If you haven’t claimed it before, you’re not sure it says on your business.

You click on this button and you go through the process of claiming your business if you haven’t done it before.

Top digital marketing company product listing on Google my business profile

Why add your Products to GMB?

If you have a product or service you can add your product or services in here.

So here’s some products, list your products here and make sure you keep this updated curate your photos.

So these are the photos that are associated with design the planet right now.

This is actually the the photo of outside of our building.

This is a team photo from COVID, because we have masks on, and then this is this is the map.

The all important map so cute but you have the ability to go in and curate these photos.

Don’t look at your Google My Business as a “set it and forget it.”

Because it’s not you treat it almost like another social media because it has some of those same tools.

So this is our kind of our Google Google My Business and we post to this about every week or so.

We use specific keyword rich, and so that helps off with search engines.

And then when people are looking at our listing on Google, they can learn more about us and what are things that we do.

Why is it so important?

Google wants to be active in the community.

They want to want to be part of your ongoing conversation.

Why post on Google My Business?

So when you’re posting here, Google thinks while they love us. Then Google also end up sharing and posting more info.

You’re, you’re enriching Google’s information about your company, and then you reap the benefits by having more search terms out there for Google.

How to Use Google My Business to Get More Customers

Google my business dashboard for Design the Planet digital marketing agency new orleans

Are your hours of operation up to date?

One of the biggest challenges for businesses, where they go really wrong and upset a lot of clients, is not updating their hours of operation. How do you make this change? Login to your google my business dashboard

aside {So we close soon 6pm}

If you open this up, it shows our regular hours of operation.

A lot of companies, especially retail, do not update these on a regular basis and clients get very upset when this these are not correct.

They are counting on this information being correct.

So if you’re going to have a change one day, make sure you can put in special hours for events or holidays to say that you’re going to be close.

You’ll upset a lot of clients if your hours of operation are not set up correctly


digital marketing reviews screenshot of design the planet reviews on Google my business

Using Google reviews to get more business

This is one of the areas where that does help you generate more business is having reviews with Google and so you can click here.


We’re a five star digital marketing company and these are all the amazing people lots of clients who have gone through the trouble of of listing us and they say great things about us.

This is a great way to use Google to help you get more business.

WHY? People read the reviews on Google and many people make decisions on if they’re coming to your business or not.

Or if they’re consistent.

They saw you on the map on Google map and then they get haven’t maybe you’re a restaurant and maybe they haven’t tried you before.

They’re going to go read your reviews.

This is a likely THE where they will go read reviews.

So, using Google and making sure your reviews are up to date, and that you’re responding (to comments) and taking care of people super. It is super important.

What about Google Maps?

The map feature this is something that is huge, and it’s becoming even bigger. Google pays more attention to Google Maps and allows people to kind of pay-to-play a bit to be promoted on Google Maps.

Google Maps is your best marketing tool when people are in a certain area, they you search for certain topics and then you know where you show up?

How do you show up?

This is super, super important to a map search.

If you’re a destination if you’re really working on getting traffic from people who are passing through or retail or specific products.

It is vitally important to make sure you’re listed – correctly.

Make sure your location is correct and make sure your hours are updated.

These are the big ways (above) and of course you can pay for Google ads. And that’s that’s good too that content can help.

But having all of this set up so it’s talking to Google and it will help your website in Google search.

More ways to use google my business to get more customers

There are so many ways that that these listings will benefit you.

So take the time and put the energy into updating your Google My Business listing claiming it the

Another way you can use Google My Business to get more business is actually just share your Google star rating on your website.

People trust Google and they trust other people who are rating you on Google because they’re real people.

Sometimes it’s a great idea to share the Google ratings on your website.

And it they can go they can click or they can go check it out and see that it’s for real (on Google).

Another part of Google My Business, that helps you do well in search, is making sure that you fill in all of the information about your company.

So this is a bit about us from design the planet.

Marketing and website development agency in Metairie, serving Louisiana (make sure you work on Geo locating.)Google my business listing for design the planet Metairie LA

We build successful brands! You get the idea.

Spend the time and update the content because this is also searchable content on Google.

People. If when people search certain keywords, hopefully people are searching “Web Development Agency Metairie”, and then they can they can be taken to our listing and learn more about us.

This is one of the ways that we get new business.

Thanks for tuning in.

We hope this helps you market your business more successfully.

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