Do all of your employees “get” what your company is about? Do they understand the “promise of the culture”? Are they trained to share the desired brand “experience” with each and every customer? When some restaurant or bar concepts are born, the vision of what the company represents and how it should operate exists within the mind/s of the ownership. Often, the vision is shared with the first few people hired, then others who follow are trained by managers. The owner started off with a few solid ideas on service and theme, but by the time the third person in the chain is trained, vital key elements and characteristics can be lost. If the owner remains engaged in the day-to-day business, servers, brand ambassadors and representatives can be retrained to achieve the desired behavior that provides the proper brand experience.

Unless the process is systematized and well-developed, things can really break down when the ownership opens a second location, or attempts to back out of day-to-day activities. Without the day-in and day-out tweaks, supervisory help, and retraining from the owner, employees lose sight of what they are supposed to do. The service/experience they are supposed to deliver consistently will suffer and adversely effect profitability.