Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google that is used on some of the worlds largest websites (including Google, Twitter, MySpace). Google Analytics generates reports with statistics about your website’s visitors.  We use this tool to learn about our client’s visitors, and use these stats to help make our client’s websites more effective marketing tools.

Lots of information about your website’s visitors can be seen inside Google Analytics including:

  • Where they are, physically (country, state, city, and even neighborhood)
  • How they got to your website–Did they search? Did they type in your web address?  Did they click a link to your website?  Where was the link that they clicked?
  • How many people viewed a specific page on your site, before submitting a form?
  • Are people viewing your website from their phones?  How many and how often?

Having this information about your visitors can help you know what works  and how to communicate with your visitors effectively.