Dr. Heath L. Bettencourtt, M.D. is the chief pediatrician at Growing Up Children’s Clinic, a pediatric doctor’s office located in Gretna, LA.  Dr. Bettencourtt chose the Design the Planet team to furnish his clients, particularly new parents, with a booklet that outlined the basic rules and guidelines of caring for a newborn, as well as to provide an idea of what they could expect and things to look out for during the first year of life.

Design the Planet leveraged the booklet as a fun and creative sales tool, creating a functional, attractive, and animated booklet that built on the look and feel of the logo the team developed in 2005 and featuring several illustrations and other sophisticated design elements.  The result was a lively, interesting, and friendly booklet that Dr. Bettencourtt is pleased with, and that his clients are excited to receive