Design the Planet prints a wide range of items for our clients, (letterhead, save-the-date cards, pamphlets, and other such collateral). There are thousands of different types of paper. Out of these thousands of types, there are quite a few options for those who want to print on eco-friendly paper and with companies who are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. Below are some different options available for “green” paper:

Recycled Paper: Many brands have “recycled paper” options but the vast majority is not 100% recycled. Usually a portion of it is. This is a good option for companies who are environmentally conscientious, but may not have the budget to print on a 100% recycled paper.
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Paper: This paper has come from trees that were grown in an area where funds have gone to eliminate habitat destruction, water pollution and violence against people and wildlife. Sometimes you are able to find a FSC paper that has also, been recycled – a doubly green choice.
Post-Consumer Material (PCW) Paper: This paper has been used and then separated from solid waste to be recycled into new paper. This paper is made from all types of products, therefore re-using even more waste than a recycled paper uses.
Seed Paper: One new trend that people are starting to print on is seed paper. This is a type of paper that is embedded with an array of wildflower seeds. You can actually take this paper, plant it and grow flowers. We have recently included this in one of our own promotional pieces that was sent to our clients as part of our rebranding effort. And the best part is this paper isn’t even made out of trees.