GNO, Inc. is a non-profit organization charged with promoting Greater New Orleans as an attractive area worthy of business development. By emphasizing New Orleans’ assets, GNO, Inc. encourages entrepreneurs and business decision-makers to locate or expand their companies within the ten-parish setting.

The Challenge
GNO, Inc. ambassadors often find themselves in situations where they have the opportunity to promote New Orleans, and they need the necessary facts and figures in front of them to support their statements when the opportunities arise. CEO Michael Hecht realized he was fielding a large number of urgent phone calls from people requesting information about the area. He realized applied technology was needed to handle this issue; something that could provide the information in a quick and efficient manner.

The Solution
Design the Planet teamed with Touch Studios to create an iPhone app for GNO, Inc. The app provides valuable information and vital statistics about New Orleans by serving as a database of information for the organization. Through this app, the user can access up-to-date pertinent information 24/7 quickly and efficiently without calling the CEO.


The Results
The GNO, Inc. iPhone app was unveiled during the annual meeting in front of 800 people; a true testimony to its importance. The creation of the app provided Michael Hecht and GNO, Inc. staff the relief they needed while still giving users access to the information they needed. Using Touch Studios’ proprietary system, App Maker, the client is able to update information and make all necessary changes, putting them in control. Design the Planet’s collaboration with Touch Studios ultimately resulted in a beneficial applied technology creation that makes being a GNO, Inc. ambassador a little easier.

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