Who says you can’t combine fun and education? These apps and games will give you deeper design insight, a challenge, and a little bit of trivia knowledge:

Cheese or Font
Whether you’re a culinary connoisseur or an avid designer, some of these (or more) will leave you stumped – either way, time to get out the crackers.
Remember Ren’s lesson on kerning and leading? Put your newfound knowledge to the test here!

Logo Quiz!
You might be surprised by how good your recognition of famous logos is – after all, they’re designed to stick with you. Kat has been playing a version for IOS, Logos Quiz.

Munsell Hue Test
This one takes a bit of time. Here you can test your color perception and knowledge.

I’m of the opinion that knowledge is power, especially when its accumulated through wit (and a bit of fun!), so go ahead and enjoy some play time, and don’t be too surprised if you learn a lesson while you’re at it!