A lot of businesses feel the stagnant summer drag, not only from the heat but from the steady slowing of clientele who are up to warm weather activities. Don’t fret, summer is a change of pace for everyone every year, so make the most of it and better your business. While we grownups don’t get to take this time to lay on the beach and chase icecream trucks, here are some equally fulfilling things you can be up to:

1. Get some “me time” in

Now that you’re not rushing around to take care of clients, you can look inwards, to take care of your brand and other internals. Figure out what is and isn’t working for your company; regroup and test some new policies, or get that big marketing campaign in the works.

2. School’s IN for summer

Summer’s a great time to get in the business education that you had no time for the rest of the year! Go to a convention, take classes, connect with other business owners and learn from them.

3. Do something crazy!

Now’s the time to find out if your high-risk strategies will be successful or not; after all, you’ve got nothing to loose!

Once again, your down season, whether it be summer or another, is nothing to worry about! All businesses have their ebb and flow. So use that ebb time to prepare for a rush of business, better than ever!

Icecream truck, I will always chase you, no matter how old I get.